User Guides:

  • Click Shortlinks, Faucet, Surf Ads Or OfferWalls And Receive Reward.
  • You Earn up to 50% Referral Commission According To Your Clicker Level.(Except For Daily Bonus And Contest Earnings.)
  • You Earn up to 3.000 Excoin Daily Bonus According To Your Clicker Level. See What Is Clicker Level.
  • Minimum 1.000 Excoin, Maximum 100.000 Excoin Is Paid Instantly To Your Expresscrypto Account.You Can Withdraw Once A Day.
  • 10.000 Excoin Reward To 10.000 th Clicker. See What Is 10.000 Clicker Reward.
  • With The Click Contest, Fixed Users Will Earn More. See What The Click Contest.
Why Email And Password Are Requested:
  • For Ease Of Login, Your Unique Id Is Sufficient But Someone Else Can Get In.
  • You Will Use Other Payment Options With This Password. We Work For Other Payment Options.
  • To Prevent This, You Must Set A Password. If You Forget Your Password, You Need Your Email Address To Reset It.
What Is 10.000 Clicker Reward:
  • All User's Clicks Will Be Counted. It Is Recorded To The Database.
  • Anyone Who Makes A 10,000th Click Receives A Prize. Whoever Click 10,000th Get 10.000 Excoin.
  • Shortlinks, Faucet, Surf Ads Or OfferWalls 1 Click Counted
  • It Is Reset At The End Of Every 10,000 Clicks And Starts Again.
How The Daily Bonus System Works:
  • To Receive A Daily Bonus, You Must Earn At Least 100 Excoin. Your Daily Bonus Increases Depending On Your Earnings.
  • As Your Clicker Level Increases, The Percentage Of Bonus You Earn Will Increase. See What Is The Clicker Level.
  • The Minimum Bonus Up To 3.000 Excoin Based On Your Clicker Level. See What Is Clicker Level.
What Is The Click Contest:
  • You Will Get "1 Click Point" From The Faucet, "2 Click Points" From The Shortlinks And "3 Click Points" From Surf Ads And OfferWalls.
  • We Will Collect Some Of The Site's Revenue In A Pool For This Contest.
  • The Prize Collected In The Pool Will Be Distributed Between 5 Users Who Click On The Most Every Week On Sunday.
  • When The Contest Is Over, Clicks Are Reset.
What Is The Clicker Level:
  • %1 Of Every Excoin You Earn Will Be Your Clicker Level Score.
  • Your Click Level Progress You Can Follow On Account Page.
  • The Higher Click Level, The Higher Referral Commission And Daily Bonus Amount.
  • You Can Find Detailed Information In The Click Level Table Below.
How To Withdraw:
  • You Can Get Withdraw Once A Day. Min 1.000 ($ 0,01), Max 100.000 ($ 1,00) Excoin Is Paid With Expresscrypto.
  • We Are Working To Add Other Withdraw Options.
Level Score Needed Refferal Commission Max. Daily Bonus
0 0 10% 30-300 Excoin
1 100.000 10% 60-600 Excoin
2 100.000 10% 60-600 Excoin
3 100.000 10% 60-600 Excoin
4 100.000 10% 60-600 Excoin
5 100.000 15% 90-900 Excoin
6 150.000 15% 90-900 Excoin
7 150.000 15% 90-900 Excoin
8 150.000 15% 90-900 Excoin
9 150.000 15% 90-900 Excoin
10 150.000 20% 120-1.200 Excoin
11 200.000 20% 120-1.200 Excoin
12 200.000 20% 120-1.200 Excoin
13 200.000 20% 120-1.200 Excoin
14 200.000 20% 120-1.200 Excoin
15 200.000 25% 150-1.500 Excoin
16 250.000 25% 150-1.500 Excoin
17 250.000 25% 150-1.500 Excoin
18 250.000 25% 150-1.500 Excoin
19 250.000 25% 150-1.500 Excoin
20 500.000 50% 300-3.000 Excoin

Terms of Use:

  • Prohibited Use Of Proxy. The Prize Cannot Be Awarded If Used.
  • Multiple Account Prohibited On One Ip.
  • Ad Blocker Usage Is Not Allowed. The Prize Cannot Be Awarded If Used.
  • Bot Use Is Prohibited. The Ip Is Permanently Banned When Bot Using Detected.
  • Direct Access Is Prohibited. If Entered After 10 Times, The User Will Be Banned Permanently.
  • Shortlinks, Surf Ads And Offerwalls Are Other Sites And We Are Not Responsible For Their Contents.
  • Please Let Us Know If You See Illegal, Pornographic Or Similar Pages Or Advertisements.
  • The 30-Day Inactive User Is Permanently Deleted.

What is Bitcoin Faucet ?

A bitcoin faucet is a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. There are also faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies. The first bitcoin faucet was called The Bitcoin Faucet and was developed by Gavin Andresen in 2010. It originally gave out 5 bitcoins per person.

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